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Candles ignited a history over 5,000 years ago centered on warmth, virtue, and connecting people. The development of candles since being used as the primary source of light in homes still calms the senses, evokes romance, marks celebrations, and provides home decor accents. MV Candleworks is a family owned company with sisters Nicole Stotesbery Duncan and Laura Stotesbery Martin continuing this tradition to enhance, inspire, and create ambiance with our artisan candle collection. Our soy wax candles are handmade in Northern California specializing in pillar candles crafted with premium food grade waxes, European linen wicks, and balanced yet subtle essential oils and botanical essences. With proper candle maintenance, our candles can burn anywhere from 20 to 120+ hours, depending on the size. We also offer a collection of unscented candles.

MV Candleworks collaborates with individuals and businesses on custom projects and private labels. We would enjoy being creative with you on an exclusive venture. Please a description and we will be in touch within 24 hours.