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Our candles are made from the finest ingredients available including food grade wax and linen wicks. In order to maximize your enjoyment we recommend the following procedures to properly maintain your candles:

To ensure a beautiful clean burn and maximum candle life, every time you light your candle first trim the wick to ¼ inch. It is best to burn your candle one hour for every inch of the candle’s diameter. Stop use when the candle has burned down to a ½ inch of solid wax remaining. Doing this will ensure a clean, long lasting and luminescent burn.

Our quality candles are self-consuming. There is no need to pour out the wax. Also we recommend that you remove all wick trimmings and match residue in the candle, as this debris will compromise the burn quality.

Finally, after blowing your candle out for the evening, be sure to give it a good "hug". Cup your hands around the upper, warm part of the candle and hug the candle with your hands to help return it to its original cylindricul shape. This will prepare it better for the next time you light it.